When it comes to providing patients with comprehensive addiction services, our methods are simple. Our director, Dr. Daniel Sumrok, has explained our approach as “treat people with respect instead of blaming or shaming them. Listen intently to what they have to say. Integrate the healing traditions of the culture in which they live. Use prescription drugs, if necessary. And integrate adverse childhood experiences science: ACEs.”

Our team aims to treat each of our patients as more than just a list of symptoms. We take the time to learn about our patients, their histories, and their circumstances. Once we have the bigger picture, we are able to determine which of our Nashville addiction treatment programs will work best.

Our Comprehensive Addiction Services in Tennessee

Comprehensive Addiction Services, doctor explaining chart to patientIntegrative Health Centers use both tried-and-true approaches to care with new methods to give patients their best chance at recovery and healing. By understanding how trauma can affect the brain, our team is able to provide a full continuum of care that’s effective and respectful. Our team strives to provide alternative pain therapy options to do our part in ending the over-prescription of opioids.

Through the Center for Addiction Science, a new addiction medicine fellowship trains professionals on how to recognize, diagnose, and treat addiction more effectively. This training also helps in addiction prevention, as well. Along with these newer methods, we also provide popular options for treatment like the following:

  • Medication-assisted treatment–A MAT program uses specific prescriptions to help manage withdrawal symptoms and help patients focus on the rest of their treatment. Doctors evaluate patients to determine their need for these medications and monitor their progress to adjust their dosage. These medications help with pain management and stop cravings to make treatment more effective.
  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy–CBT is a form of psychotherapy that allows therapists and patients to work collaboratively to end cycles of negative or harmful behavior and thought. During sessions, both parties work to determine the root cause of addiction and patterns of negative thoughts and behaviors. From here, the two will work together to create goals and strategies to implement new, positive patterns.
  • 12 step program–Since 1938, the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous have been utilized throughout rehab facilities to help patients on their recovery journey. A 12 step program helps patients stay on the right path to recovery while also helping them reconnect with their faith during treatment.

Treatment at Integrative Health Centers

Our comprehensive addiction services aim to heal patients on biological, psychological, social, and spiritual levels. By combining spirituality with science, we are able to provide the full continuum of trauma-informed care patients need to succeed.

Whether you’re looking for addiction treatment for a loved one or you’re seeking help for yourself, Integrative Health Centers are here to help. Dr. Daniel Sumrok and his team of clinically trained professionals understand the importance of trauma-informed care for addiction. Through our comprehensive intake process and ACE questionnaire, we are able to determine the unique needs of our patients. To learn more about our comprehensive addiction services, contact Integrative Health Centers today by calling 731.352.0603.