One main reason so many individuals fail to seek treatment is the negative stigma that surrounds it. Unfortunately, there is a lot of misconception surrounding MAT programs and how they work. Instead of feeding into that stigma, it’s essential to conduct your research and learn just how a medication-assisted treatment center can help you achieve recovery.

What is Medication-Assisted Treatment for Addiction?

Medication assisted treatment center Nashville TNA medication-assisted treatment center uses specific medications to help alleviate uncomfortable and distracting withdrawal symptoms during addiction treatment. Naltrexone and buprenorphine are two prescriptions we use at Integrative Health Centers to help reduce cravings and other negative withdrawal symptoms. By utilizing these medications, we are able to give patients a clear mind to focus on the rest of their treatment.

One of the primary reasons why there’s such a negative stigma surrounding MAT is because there’s still such a negative stigma surrounding addiction. In cases of chronic illness, like diabetes, the public supports the use of medications for treatment. We believe that addiction treatment should be no different. By using doctor prescribed and monitored medications, we can help to keep individuals comfortable as they go through treatment.

Another common misconception is that medication-assisted treatment for addiction is merely trading one harmful drug for another. While these medications mimic the effects of harmful opioids, they are closely monitored by doctors to prevent abuse or dependence. Buprenorphine is antagonistic at receptors and helps to block cravings and other uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms. The side effects of this medication are useful in that it helps with pain management but in a safe and controlled application. Its unique mechanism of action makes it ideal for MAT programs.

Not every patient requires these medications, and the duration of use varies from patient to patient. Factors for dosage amount and durations include the size of the patient, the drug of their choice, and their dependence and tolerance. Similar to other chronic diseases, doctors will regularly monitor patients in order to adjust dosage amounts.

A Medication-Assisted Treatment Center through Integrative Health Centers

At Integrative Health Centers, we strive to not only help our patients achieve their goals of recovery, but we also strive to educate the public as well. Our MAT programs focus on healing patients biologically, psychologically, socially, and spiritually. We aim to break the negative stigmas surrounding addiction treatment and medication-assisted treatment in Nashville. Our programs provide continuous support and guidance rather than just a prescription.

Our clinical team looks at each patient to determine what happened throughout their life to get them to this point rather than just seeing addiction. Through a comprehensive intake questionnaire, we determine the unique needs of each patient based on their history and any past trauma. We provide all levels of care as well as general medical treatment to give patients the all-encompassing care they need to succeed.

If you have questions regarding our medication-assisted treatment center, reach out to our team today. Contact Integrative Health Centers today by calling 731.352.0603 to find out how you can begin to heal through our programs.