Professional helping patient at during Nashville addiction treatment center programsWhether you need treatment for addiction or the common cold, the treatment should never be the same for all patients. Their condition, circumstances, history, emotions, and goals are all different. By viewing patients as the same, you fail to provide them with the appropriate care they need. Through our primary medical care program and comprehensive addiction treatment, patients receive the treatment they need. Our services through our Tennessee addiction treatment center programs meet the needs of each patient.

Available Primary Medical Care

Most medical professionals recommend you see your doctor at least once a year. This habit keeps you up to date on your vaccinations and other routine health treatments. If you routinely see your doctor once a year, they can also catch severe health concerns while it is still possible to get treatment for them. However, many people don’t like to see their primary care doctor unless they’re seriously ill.

Preventive care is the heart of what we do at our Tennessee treatment center. Though we also provide addiction treatment, our primary goal is to keep you healthy. We work with you to create a treatment plan that works for you. Additionally, we want you to feel comfortable coming to see us. So we don’t shame you or belittle you when you come to us for treatment. Instead, we ask you the question that all doctors should keep at the forefront of their practice: how can we help you?

Additionally, we train our doctors to approach your care with a trauma-informed perspective. We know the world can be a rough place, and you may have faced severe problems in your past. We want to help you in the most sensitive way possible. 

Available Addiction Treatment Center Programs

At Integrative Health Centers, we believe that providing multiple levels of care for patients is key to helping them succeed. By only providing one level of care, help for the patient is limited.

As our team identifies the needs of each patient, we can determine which levels of care would be most suitable for their treatment. Our comprehensive addiction treatment includes: 

  • Medically Assisted Therapy Program–Our outpatient MAT program uses specific prescriptions to help patients manage their withdrawal symptoms. Benophrine helps to manage pain, alleviate cravings, and decrease other uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms. In using these prescriptions, patients have a clearer mind to focus on the rest of their treatment plan. Doctors evaluate each patient to determine if medications would be helpful and to what extent. Our team monitors the progress of patients to make changes to the dosage of the prescriptions. Over time, we end the use of these medications to avoid abuse and dependence.
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy–Our experience tells us that many people struggle with addiction due to negative thought patterns and reactions to them. During Cognitive behavioral therapy, you’ll work with a therapist to work out what negative thought patterns you have. Once that’s finished, you can work on retraining your brain to create healthy thought processes. 

In addition to these techniques, we also use the 12 step program, which helps patients to stay on the path to recovery.

Help At Our Nashville Tennessee Treatment Center

Are you looking for a health care team you can trust? If so, turn to the professionals of Integrative Health Centers. Our team is trained in taking a trauma-informed care approach to your health. To learn more about our treatment center programs, contact Integrative Health Centers today at 731.352.0603.