Enabling healthcare providers to offer specialized psychiatric and behavioral health services via telehealth

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IHC enables healthcare clinics and sites across the U.S to offer their patients a more complete continuum of care by providing behavioral health and specialized psychiatric services

Due to a lack of access to behavioral health, addiction medicine, and other specialized psychiatric services, many healthcare clinics in the U.S are unable to provide a complete continuum of care required to adequately treat their patients. Rural and geographically isolated areas, in particular, remain largely underserved. IHC partners with healthcare clinics to help them improve the quality of patient care provided & their revenue opportunities

Our Telehealth Model

IHC’s platform improves access, coordination and continuity of care regardless of a patient’s or site’s physical location

  • Better healthcare outcomes
  • Higher satisfaction rates
  • More cost effective care

Need more details about our partnership model?

IHC works with clinics to understand the psychiatric and behavioral health needs of their patients.
Within 30-90 days, we build a team of qualified and credentialed providers who are licensed to serve in the state of the patient population.

We will seamlessly integrate into your site’s existing workflow to minimize operational disruption.

Once the provider team is in place, clinics can start offering psychiatric services via our Telehealth platform.

Benefits to Patients

  • Access to mental health speciality care
  • Improved patient engagement, compliance, health outcomes, and satisfaction rates
  • Reduced potential barriers like stigma, time off work, childcare and eldercare services, transportation access and travel costs for appointments
  • More convenient and preferable for patients with autism, severe anxiety disorders, and physical limitations
  • Follow up visit access without prolonged wait times
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Give your patients access to a suite of specialized behavioral health and psychiatric services from the privacy of their own homes. All they need is access to a computer or portable device.

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Benefits to Healthcare Clinics

  • No initial capital investment required to be a partner
  • A new revenue stream from additional service lines
  • Zero provider recruitment & credentialing cost
  • Offer a more complete continuum of care
  • Launch quickly due to minimal setup requirements
  • Option to use IHC’s Telehealth equipment

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Benefits to Providers

  • Expanded geographical coverage
  • Access to a larger patient population
  • Flexibility in scheduling
  • Licensing and Credentials costs covered by IHC
  • IHC matches your interest and experience with the partner site’s needs
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Treat more patients in distant locations
As we expand our provider team nationwide, IHC has existing licensed providers in Kentucky, Indiana, and Tennessee.

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